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How to Add Aerial images to Your Virtual Tour Without Aerial Images


Hi, welcome to threesixty.tours in this video, I’ll be showing you,  how to add aerial images to your virtual tour. So this episode is all about aerial imaging and how you, you can add aerial images,  to your Matterport tours, to your regular tours and towards the middle of the video, I’m going to show you how you can add aerial images, even if you don’t have images.

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Intro-Lido House Aerial Image Examples

So let’s get started and the pictures today are all from Luxury Home imaging with Marcia and her crew. They just take wonderful drone images. They are truly superb. This is just a beautiful image of a hotel,  called Lido house. And what they’ve done here is combined five different Matterport tours of the hotel, which I like, and they’ve, you know, taken  a drone image.

Of the hotel and it just puts the entire hotel into perspective and you can go into each room, , like you can go into the Collins cottage and see what the cottage is and all the details of it. And this is the Matterport 3d model. So you can, you know, view all of it, block around the house. And once you’re done, you can close it out.

What I liked about this is that they put some custom markers. So for example, they put this as the noble restaurant. You can click on it. And, you know, it’ll give you, this is a regular, , image. It’s not a Matterport image of the,  noble restaurant and people can come in and, you know, they can look around the restaurant and then when you’re done, you close it,  they could have opened the image in here, but they chose to open in a new window.

That could be done too. So this is,  street view. So they’ve added different markers. You know, you can add a video if you. and what’s nice about this is that, you know, you can see the entire area if,  the hotel can show, showcase the hotel and how beautiful the surrounding area is.

Aerial Image Examples

So the second image that I want to show is of a home. They’ve also added the tour here and this shows,  this is an aerial image showing the proximity,  to the beach or to the ocean. and what’s beautiful is that it gives, it gives the house a completely different perspective. So you can, as a photographer, you can just do the,  Matterport tour and or whatever tour that is and send it to the real estate agent.

Or you can do a nice, you can take a nice,  drone image, if you can. , if you can’t take a drone image, then I’ll show you how to just,  grab an aerial image,  online. And you can turn that into your,  tour. You can add it to your. So here again, once you’re done with the house, you can tour the entire house,  close it out.

And again, it gives the house a much better perspective when you add, , an aerial image, right? It’s a completely different tour. It’s just,  more enticing to the, the person doing the tour.  one more tour a, I want to image before I,  dive into how you can add your aerial images when you don’t have.

So, again, this is another aerial image by luxury imaging, beautiful drone image here, and you can look around and they’ve added a custom marker here to show that this is a San Antonio lake, and this is the home we’re looking at. This is, you know, of a three bedroom house coming soon. So they’ve added this nice, , icon again, you can add regular images, Matterport, images, videos, and whatever else you think can make the virtual tour,  better.

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How to Add Aerial Images without having them

So now let’s say that, you know, you, you don’t have an aerial image. You don’t have a 3d aerial image. How are you going to get your,  your, your image? So let’s go to the Lito house. And what we’ve done is I’ve downloaded this picture. This is a 2d image. I’ve downloaded it from Google maps and you can find it on Google maps and,  what you want to do.

To create this.  we want to add the Matterport tours or any other virtual,  tour or 360 degree image to this picture. You can log into your threesixty.tours dashboard, scroll all the way down to your photos. And what we’ve done here is we’ve uploaded this picture here. So let’s click on the pencil icon to edit the picture.

And now once in here you see, this is the picture I’ve added two Matterport.  over here, you can add regular 360 degree images and you know, let’s add one more. So I’ve added this one, the Collins and the Linda cottage. We’re going to add the hardware cottage. So I open the matter port George, just to get the link from it.

I grab the link and I close it out. And what you want to do here, it’s very easy. You just right click and you place a marker. And that’s it. I click on the pencil icon. I’m adding a Matterport tour here. I cop, I paste the link over here. If you wanted to add, , and here let’s call it the Harbor cottage and I can,  save it.

And so now I have the tour here and if I go into the image, I refresh it and you can see that the tours already here I’ve added it even without an image. So I didn’t have an aerial image. I didn’t have a 360 degree. now, this is of course not as beautiful as this image where you can look around. , but it’s still a 2d image.

It gives the hotel a nice view. And then, you know, people can go into the,  the cottage the matter per tour. Normally as if, you know, you had a regular image, you close it out and they’re back in here and that’s it. That’s how you add,  an aerial image. Even if you don’t have. and if you do have any questions, do let us know,  try threesixty.tours , sign up for free and try our virtual tour service.

Thank you.


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