• Fixed “Always show” tooltip zoom bug in Panorama Viewer.


  • New marker action “no action”, disables marker clicks so no dialog is shown.
  • New marker tooltip presentation settings. “While hovering” shows the marker tooltip while it’s hovered. “Always show” displays the tooltip all the time with the exception of when a panorama or 2D photo is rotating or moving.


  • Enabled right clicking on forms in App Editor, and Input fields in App viewer. This change was made to allow users to use the common right click copy paste workflow.


  • Fixed Custom Marker Icon editor modal bug.


  • Startscreen option brand logo override bug fixed. Tour / Panorama / 2D specific logos were failing to show on startscreens.


  • New “no action” option for markers. This option removes showing a modal window when a marker is clicked. Instead, when clicked the marker will show it’s title tooltip.
  • New “Always show tooltip” option for markers. This option forces a marker tooltip to display at all times. However, markers are still hidden during Panorama movement and are re-shown after Panorama movement has finished.