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The best 360 degrees cameras for virtual tours are designed to capture the entire scenery surrounding it. At one time, they were hot products, and even till now, they remain a must-have for many virtual home tours creators with a wide variety of models. Additionally, many trendy smartphones manufacturers have featured them in smartphones. In recent times, the hype about 360-degree cameras has slightly waned. Nonetheless, you can still find various quality options to create great virtual tours.

Initially, the focus was more on the gaming niche rather than media use; it prioritized producing spherical videos that can be viewed on VR headsets. In recent years, the 360-degree camera allowed creators to take shots that would ordinarily not be possible with a single-lens camera. It can be captured with 16:9 footage with reframed dual lens. If you’re ready for your real estate virtual tour, there are a variety of quality 360-degree cameras available. However the plethora of 360-degree cameras, it can be challenging to choose the right one for you. So we’ve created a list of the best 360 cameras for virtual tours; check them out! Once you do have your camera you can create virtual tours easily and for free on threesixty.tours.

The Top Cameras for panoramic Images

GoPro Max

The GoPro Max 360 degree camera is niche focused camera that helps to facilitate your workflow. Compared to last year’s Fusion, the GoProMax makes you approach your project more easily. Although the GoPro Max has some advanced technology, it is essentially a 360 camera that anyone can operate. The biggest feature is that it’s also a working action camera, equipped with waterproofing and a robust casing specifically designed for use in severe conditions.

The GoPro Max’s video and image capture are exceptional. It can function as a multipurpose vlogging camera thanks to the high-quality microphones. Although it lacks a 4K standard capture, most people will still benefit from the many features it offers.

Price: $499 at Amazon


  • Dimensions: 64 x 69 x 40mm
  • Weight: 163g
  • Waterproof: 5m
  • Stills resolution: 16.6MP
  • Video resolution: 6K/5.6K
  • Memory: MicroSD
  • Battery: 5.6K


  • Multi-functionality camera
  • Produces lively, well-looking videos.
  • Offers excellent app experience


  • The traditional 4K video capture is not available
  • There is no editing software for PCs
  • The app experience may need to be improved.

camera for virtual tours

Insta360 One X2

Insta360 One X2 is a convertible camera with a dual lens. It features 5.7K HEVC video recording and allows you to stitch videos automatically. You can use the Insta360 One X2 for up to 33-foot dives as it’s waterproof. Its bullet-time functionality comes in handy for people who create Matrix-style videos.

The One X2 is an incredibly impressive action camera that uses its 360-degree lenses for virtual tours as well as a variety of creative editing modes. It consistently produces stunning videos and photos. Although It requires time and dedication to understand, the One X2 is a must-have for content creators looking to explore other options.

Price: $469.99 at Amazon


  • Weight: 149g
  • Dimensions: 462x113x29.8mm
  • Waterproof: 10m
  • Stills resolution: 18.5MP
  • Video resolution: 5.7K
  • Memory: MicroSD
  • Battery life: 80 minutes


  • Produces vibrant, dynamic videos.
  • Offers unlimited creativeness,
  • Promotes simple AI editing
  • Offers “SteadyCam” and “MultiView” functionalities.
  • Provides actual color and accurate detail.


  • Requires the using updated phones
  • Editing can be time-consuming

 Vuze XR

The convertible-designed Vuze XR camera features lenses great for making spherical 360-degree videos.  You can shoot videos in 180-degree footage and view them in VR goggles. However, to be able to shoot with a full-quality display, stitching software is required. The Vuze XR is basically two cameras for the price of one, as it is designed to create 360-degree and 180-degree photographs while making videos simple and intuitive. You can toggle between 360-degree (2D) and 180-degree (3D) modes with one single button and record half-sphere or full-sphere VR film as desired.

Image stitching and live streaming are also possible with the XR, as you expand your creative possibilities even further. Plus, there’s an available smartphone app that helps you track and manage your virtual tour. It’s great for casual day-to-day use because of the inbuilt hand grip, but it’s not a waterproof camera. The Vuze XR is a wonderful tool for 360-degree photography, with a stylish design and remarkable filming alongside, although it may be a little clunky and offbeat for general consumers.

Price: $1,012.42 on Amazon


  • Weight: 212g
  • Dimensions: 152 x 56 x 39mm
  • Stills resolution: 18MP
  • Video resolution: 5.7K
  • Memory: MicroSD
  • Battery life: 60mins


  • You can easily switch between modes quickly.
  • The video quality is outstanding.


  • The battery life is average.
  • The app has a simple interface.


cameras for Virtual ToursRicoh Theta Z1

The old Ricoh Theta Z1 was introduced and launched in 2019- a period when a 360-degree camera was still considered innovative to many people. Little has changed ever since, with the exception of a recently released slightly redesigned version with 51GB of storage instead of the very limited 19GB of the first model. Before buying this camera, make sure you know which one you’re ordering. The Ricoh Theta Z1 is quite pricey but offers excellent options for image creators.

The 360-degree camera offers bright 23-megapixel photos; it has dual lenses supported with the big 1-inch sensor size. With the high price, you’d expect the Ricoh Theta Z1 to deliver remarkably high 360-degree footage. Its lenses are a little bigger than those available on most cameras of this type, which enhances dynamic range. It isn’t as versatile as other cameras on this list, as it lacks a waterproofing feature; however, it has a sleek design and is easy to handle.

Price: $1,046 at Amazon


  • Weight: 182g
  • Dimensions: 48 × 132.5 × 29.7mm
  • Stills resolution: 23MP
  • Video resolution: 4K
  • Memory: 51/19GB internal
  • Battery life: 60mins


  • Provides exceptional 360-degree quality
  • Simple to use


  • The battery can drain quickly
  • It’s pricey

Creating Your Virtual Tour

Whether it’s for capturing panoramic pictures or making real estate virtual tours, 360 cameras are one of the vital tools that can help get the job done efficiently. These 360 degrees cameras can capture wonderful panoramic pictures and 360 photos and deliver outstanding results. However, before your choose one, ensure that it offers all the benefits you need. We hope this guide will help you make informed decision when purchasing your next 360 degrees camera for virtual tours. Get started with your tour on threesixty.tours


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