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How to Sell better Matterport Tours to Hotels


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I’m going to show you how you can sell better Matterport tours to hotels, so let’s dig right in. The links to each tour are below. 

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A Great Virtual Tour of the Intercontinental Hotel

So the virtual tour below is the Intercontinental hotel. It’s a Matterport tour done by one of our customers. And what they’ve done is they’ve created several Matterport tours. You’ll see levels one to three, the car park, and this is a restaurant that belongs to the whole.

And it’s one link here. You see the link here for the entire hotel and you can personalize this link. It doesn’t have to be our a threesixty.tours link. And what’s great about this tour is that they’ve added an image from the hotel, and you can see that when somebody comes in to see this hotel, they have an image. You can also check their complete tour here.

So now they have a perspective of the hotel and. It’s completely different than providing somebody or providing the hotel with this Matterport link. You know, you thought here’s your virtual tour as a photographer. And you know, they come into the hotel and this is the link that they get, right? The link is beautiful.

You can come in, you can see different parts of the hotel, but it doesn’t provide the perspective that this provides here. So this is an EEG, easy image picked up from the whole. And you can see, like now you can see like, okay, these are the three floors. This is the Matterport tour for, this is the car park.

And this is a separate building or a restaurant that belongs to the hotel, I believe. And so it gives a completely different perspective. You’re able to sell the store better to the hotel, um, just because it’s more presentable and it just gives a better image of the hotel itself. Versus just sending three different matter porters or even this matter court tour here.

I mean, you know, people might go in and they’re not, they’re not really going to know. Okay. Where, where is this located in relation to the hotel, um, and the Matterport tour, of course, it’s beautiful here and you can walk around. So while you’re putting in the, the Matterport is the whole functionality of the Matterport tour remains.

And it doesn’t have to be a drone 360 image. It could be a 2d image that you can get from the hotel. A drone image would have been better. I’m going to show you another tour in a minute that you can see a drone 360 degree image from it. As you can see, if you present this to the hotel, it makes it easier to sell them and it makes you more approachable out of a private.

A Better Matterport Tour

For the second tour I want to show is this the Adare Manor, this is a hotel getaway and this is an aerial image. It’s a beautiful aerial image here, as you can see. And what I like about the store is they’ve combined four different Matterport tours. So you can see them here and think about it. If you’re presenting this a virtual tour for the hotel, you can give them, you know, one Matterport tour for the entire hotel to be stood up, or you can give them. As shown in image below, you can also check their link out here


You know, one thing, 360 drone images with all these formats or links here and what this does, it just creates a better tour because somebody that comes in now, we know that this part of the studio, this part it’s the beach house. And this is, you know, the exclusive fog, whatever the property or, you know, all of these different parts of the property are easily visible with this drone.

And it creates a much better to compare that, to just giving the hotel this tour and saying, okay, you know, we’ve, we’ve created the matter for tour for you. And here you go, you know, this is the beach house and this is the tour and you can put that on their website and customers come in from here, but they don’t really understand like what part of the hotel this is, unless they see something like this.

So this is a much better, visual for the Hotel. What I also like about this is that they’ve added panoramic images. So you click on this, for example, this is a panoramic image of the bottom part of the hotel and people can scroll through, right? What this customer has done is they’ve chosen to change the icon on the panoramic images, so you can choose different types of items.

They, they haven’t made like a walkthrough through the garden, which they could have because they have several panoramic images here. So they could have done like another walkthrough tour where you’re clicking from one panoramic image into the other. They haven’t done that. And they’ve just chosen to put the panoramic images like you’ve seen here, but it makes for a complete tour, which I think it’s better.

You can sell it better to a hotel versus just having. What I also liked about this, tour is the way it starts, I’m going to read on the page. So you can see, and the starting view is of the entire hotel, and you can do that with our software. So the, probably the drone image was taken like this, and that was the starting view, but then they’ve changed it to in golf, the whole hotel, and just have a view of the entire hotel, which of course makes for a much.

If you and somebody can come in now and they can pan out and they can just look at the entire area and decide, okay, I want to stay in this hotel. And as a photographer, you presenting this solution versus just a matter of board link is a much better solution and it provides you with something much easier to sell the hotel.


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