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Embed Google Drive Images in Markers

So, you’d like to create a marker inside ThreeSixty Tours and have it open up a still image (close-up, detail shot) of that location.

Here at ThreeSixty Tours, we recommend leveraging the power of Google Drive to house/host your still images and then embed them like any other interactive content (video/audio/etc) available within ThreeSixty Tours.

The process of connecting an image from Google Drive to your ThreeSixty Tour/Pano is easy:

    1. Ensure that the image you’ve uploaded to Google Drive can be seen by anybody.
    2. Double-click on the image to open it.
    3. Choose “Open in a new tab” by clicking on this stacked dots icon, and then choosing “Open in a new window”:
    4. Then, in the “New Window” click on the same stacked dots icon, and choose “Embed item…”:
    5. That’s it…now you can put as many images into as many Markers as you like!