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URL Parameters

URL parameters allow paid ThreeSixty Tours customers to control the behavior of their tours in their <iframe> embeds and when linking directly to a tour.

URL parameters can be added in any order using the table of options found below and will affect only that specific instance of a viewed Tour.

Alternatively, any option set within the ThreeSixty Tour dashboard will affect ALL instances of that Tour, regardless of URL Parameters.

About ThreeSixty Tours URL Parameters

URL parameters are added to the end of a ThreeSixty Tours shared URL like this example:


Note that if you are adding multiple URL Parameters, the first parameter must be preceded by a question mark “?” and each additional parameter separated by an ampersand “&”.


Available URL Parameters

Parameter Values Description
header true
Passing “true” will add a clickable handle to the viewer header that will vertically slide the viewer header and description section on and off the viewport. Passing “closed” will initialize the viewer with click handle and the header hidden. Passing “delayclose” will initialize the viewer with a click handle, header displayed, and will close the header 4 seconds after the First Panorama or Photo loads. Passing “false” will hide the header and click handle. Passing “transparent” forces the header to always be open with no background color.
title false Passing “false” removes the tour and or panorma/photo tile and more toggle.
footer false Remove the footer from the viewer by passing “false”.
tournav open
Passing “closed” will leave the Tour Navigation closed when the viewer initializes. Passing “delayclose” will open the Tour Navigation when a panorama or photo loads then close it 4 seconds later.
mousewheel false Passing “false” will disable the mousewheel usage.
socialshare false Remove the social sharing button from the viewer header.
brand false Hide the branding caption in the footer, branding logo in the header, and contact link in the more section by passing “false”.
startscreen true Adds a clickable preview image to the viewer when it is loaded. The Panorama or Tour is loaded once the user clicks preview image.