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Adding Custom Domain Names

Starting at the BUSINESS subscription level, users can customize the domain name seen in the 360 viewer.

Change 360 viewer domain.

Custom Domain Setup

1. Upgrade your account to a Whitelabel BUSINESS account.

Go to your subscription settings >

After upgrading you can use up to 5 different custom domains with your Panoramas and Tours.

2. Login to your registrar or domain service and create a CNAME record pointing to my.threesixty.tours for the “subdomain” you would like to use with threesixty.tours. Please also see our separate documentation on how to use a root or “naked” domain (no “www”) with ThreeSixty Tours.

Note, it usually only takes 30 min – 1 hour for your DNS to update, but (in rare cases) can take up to 24 hours to propagate.

Plesk Cname example

3. Add a custom domain to your account in your dashboard.

Add a custom domain to your account.

4. You can now visit any of your Tours or Panoramas at the new custom domain.

Use your custom domain


Do subdomains count against my custom domain names?
Yes, each CNAME record you point to my.threesixty.tours requires a custom domain entry in your dashboard. For example if you owned a real estate firm and you had five properties you want to create vanity domains for, you could create and use all of your custom domains.

  1. 515statestreet.somedomain.com
  2. 2020sanandreas.com
  3. 123pikeplace.info
  4. 99superdrive.mydomain.com
  5. 100luckst.com

Can I use 1 custom domain for multiple Tours and Panoramas?
Yes, each custom domain you setup can be used with any of your tours.Yes, for example imagine you created a custom domain for a realestate property tour. You sell the property and no longer need the custom domain. You can delete it and create a new one in its place.

Can I use SSL (https://) with my custom domain?
Maybe, using https with custom domains is not included with our standard subscriptions and requires additional setup time & cost. If using a custom domain is crtical for you, please contact us for options and pricing.