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Hi, welcome to threesixty.tour. Today we’re going to be talking about, virtual castle tours. In this video I am going show you, two virtual castle tours of beatiful European castles. So let’s get started. The first one, you can get it here by scrolling down on this page. Alternatively you can click on demos, scroll down to the castle tour. Play the video below to get started or scroll down and play around with the virtual castle tour.

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Virtual Castle Tour Scotland

And this is the first castle it’s in Scotland.  and here you can tour the entire castle. What I like about this is in the beginning, they put a nice presentation of the castle and they display a nice video. So you can play the, the video and you know, all of it, over here and get a sense of what the castle is really like once you’re done, you can close it.

And you can start touring the castle here. So we go to the first, tour and we look at the inside of the castle, beautiful old castle in Scotland. I think in the Highlands of Scotland, there are more videos that they add here, if you would like to watch them. So it gives you a sense of like, as if you’re inside the castle here, they’ve added some polygon markers to show that you can highlight.

Virtual Castle Tour - Try it Out by Clicking the Mouse on Screen

Inside the Virtual Castle Tour

What I like about this tour is they’ve added a map so we can click on the map over here. And this is the map of the entire castle. So let’s say we wanted to start off at the castle entrance. We can go in here and this is the castle entrance. Now this is a, a regular picture. It’s not a 3d image, so there’s, you can’t scroll around, but it could give you a nice sense of castle entrance and let’s go to the east tower, the gate house. And this is the view from the top. And you can start walking here to view the castle. So I clicked to go to the south tower, you know, and I’m walking. , this is, we came from here and you know, now we’re on top of the castle and we’re touring the whole castle.

This is a nice view again. And you have the beach over here. and you can go back down to the courtyard where we were, or we can continue walking around here and go to the west tower. Okay. So this is the inside of the west tower. All right. Very nice, views. And we can go back to where, to the courtyard over here.

and we’re back to where we, initially came, this is the west range kitchen. And as you can see, you can really tour the entire castle and it gives you a great sense of, just what’s around and look at this nice view. Again, this is the map. And from here on, you can get a nice perspective of.

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Virtual Tour of Matterport Castle

The second tour that I want to go to is, in Europe as well. And this is a drone image of a nice castle, medieval castle. And you can tour the entire city. Okay. What I like about this is that they added a Matterport tour here. You can click on it and what it opens. We just come here and we see that they’ve added markers to symbolize. This is the city. , this is another.

Area another building and you can get a really nice perspective of the entire, castle. So let’s go to the, castle here as the page is, loading, and you can see the dollhouse effect here. It’s a nice 3d effect and you can tour the entire castle from here. Okay. Or you can, you know, get into the doghouse effect and choose where you want to go to.

So again, this is a matter core tour, that they’ve embedded into the castle. So let’s start from here. This is a nice place to start.

Okay. So you can take a look at the entire, I mean, there are some nice paintings here. You can see,  a nice rifle here, so you can really tour the entire. , area very nicely. So this is, like a medieval bedroom. If you like, you can come down here and, you know, choose what you want to see. Let’s go towards some more items here.

There’s a chapel here. Let’s throw that. So we go to the chapel and you can see here, there’s a picture, you know, suddenly you can see the nice, chapel here. and the picture of the bay, a painting of the baby. And you can really go through the entire castle without any, without any problems. And it just gives you a nice perspective if you’re enter touring the castle.

And this is a great tour for me. Okay. The final, tour that I wanna show you is of a, chalet. It’s not really of a castle. And again, tour nice drone image. You can click on this one and the, chalet opens up and you can again, tour the entire chalet. And here you have the Matterport tour. This is again a Matterport tour.

 the first image that we, that I showed you of this castle is not a matter for it. Just a regular virtual tool that’s done on our platform on 360. tours.com. So if you’re looking to make, virtual tours like this, do, sign up to 360 tours, it’s free, as a start. And let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


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