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Many sectors have started to employ virtual tours more significantly in recent years, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Many businesses, on the other hand, haven’t embraced this technology yet. Virtual tours are beneficial to companies, and it’s vital that businesses step up their game and fully optimize it.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a collection of panoramic pictures stitched together to create a ‘virtual’ overview of a place. After it has been created, the viewer can experience the feeling of being in a place even if they are not physically present. They can gain virtual experience by viewing it on their desktop PCs, laptops, tablet devices, and even smartphones. Some virtual tours feature audio effects like music or narrative that describes products or topics of interest. You can see an examples of a virtual tour demos below.

Virtual Tour vs. Video Tour

Despite their similarities, virtual tours and video tours should not be confused. In a video tour, users can only see a single point of view at a time during video tours. They are also not able to view the property as they please. They are required to view the property according to what the video shows. Here is an example of a video tour.

In a virtual tour, users can view a complete 360-degree view of the panoramic image or even zoom in to get a closer look at a specific location. The user can look at the entire room or landscape and choose where to look. They are in complete control on where to look around.

Virtual Tours: How to Use Them

You can use panoramas and virtual tour software to promote your business in various ways. Here are some examples of how and where to apply panoramic virtual tours to promote your business.

3d House Tour

360-degree panoramic pictures are used in real estate to create virtual tours, sometimes referred to as a 3d house tour. This is becoming a very popular tool for real estate sales and rental properties to make their listing stand out. Panorama software can stitch together many 3D pictures to create a 360-degree panorama.

With real estate virtual tours, the tenant and buyer can explore the property from all dimensions while staying at home with their PC. While creating your 3D house tour, you can include some hotspots in the real estate panorama to link to Google/Bing Maps to indicate where the apartment or buildings are located or hyperlink to a URL to promote your business. You can also use a pop-up 3D image to display your interior facilities.

You can also add info sign, markers, floor plans and even your own brand logo. Customizing the virtual tour with your brand details can be easily done. Once complete don’t forget to share the tour on social media and get more leads on your listing!

Scenic Spot Panorama

Panoramas made with panoramic software can be used to travel. In terms of scenic spot promotions, 360-degree panoramic virtual tours can bring the whole scenery spot than standard written narratives and local plan images. A panoramic view of the picturesque scenery is possible. When you integrate 360 panoramic tours on your website, visitors will be able to quickly explore the sights and have a powerfully immersive experience, stimulating their interest in traveling.

Museum Panorama

Because tourists arrive to see the museum’s fine art, additional details about the exhibitions tend to be important. Most museums have had a difficult time since the pandemic started. However, a few museums maintained their good reputations by providing free online virtual tours of parts of their sections while encouraging paid virtual tours of other segments.

With 360 panoramic virtual tours, online tourists can take virtual tours of the museum pavilion and their favorite exhibits. They can see a detailed image of the object when they click the hotspots linked with relevant intro texts.

Museum Panorama stitching is a blend of classic exhibits and panorama widely used in exhibitions and other academic facilities. Virtual tours are also an excellent approach to preserve ancient artifacts on the internet.

There are several virtual tour software that allow museums to charge customers for accessing the virtual tour and therefore increasing their revenue significantly. This is a great approach since it allows customers from another city, state or even country to access the museum without the need to be there!

Hotel Virtual Tours

A growing number of hotels are using virtual tours to entice tourists and travelers. Before making a reservation, many people would want to glance through hotel rooms. Panorama software can stitch hotel panoramas together and highlight the features of your booked accommodation.

The hotel’s 360-degree panoramic lobby, restaurant, and conference hall are all available for guests to enjoy. You can also look at alternative options, such as a suite room or a luxury ocean-view suite if you choose.

Automobile Virtual Tours

Some cars may have a similar exterior design as others, but a unique interior finish and configurations. You gain insight into the car’s layout by viewing the stitched automobile panorama; you can check for your desired features, including the interior trim, sunroof, audio system, etc. The automobile panorama gives you an immersive insight that will enable you to buy the kind of car you desire. Many automobile companies and exhibitions have made extensive use of it for their businesses.

University Virtual Tours

Because private colleges and universities try to compete for the top students, it’s understandable that many would use a virtual tour to accentuate their facility, classes, and other resources. Although parents can visit the schools, they are usually people occupied with other things. They would choose to research colleges or universities from the internet rather than visit the schools physically.

Most recently, universities have been using this approach to attract top students to join their programs as students are able to learn more about the university. It also provides a more professional look to the university vs. universities that do not offer virtual tours. Here is an example of a university Virtual Tour.

Virtual Tours for Online Shopping

Although online shopping is an enticing trend in this digital age, some consumers still prefer learning about products in physical locations. As a result, it’s a good idea to combine online and offline retail purchasing. Buyers may benefit from 360 store panoramas because they combine the convenience of internet buying with a physical store’s high-quality service and experience.

Companies with storefronts can use a virtual tour to display products 24/7, 365 days a year. A panoramic picture of a store is significantly superior to a collection of high-quality photos since it allows potential consumers to zoom in on certain products that capture their attention.

When consumers find their preferred dresses or suits, they may view additional information by clicking on the hotspots linked by photographs, which may encourage more customers to visit your store and make purchases.

Restaurants & Bars

Customers usually observe whether the environment is conducive for hanging out or relaxing when patronizing a bar or eatery, and if it is not, they will not come back. Restaurant owners can create a virtual tour and post it on their site to capture the attention of those who are looking for a decent spot to chill or have a nice meal.

A well-designed virtual tour of a restaurant will always entice potential consumers to visit, and if they have a nice time during their first visit, they will most likely return. This is a great way to increase leads and revenue for a restaurant.

Art Gallery or Exhibition Halls

Art Galleries and Exhibition Halls are two sectors that could benefit from virtual tours. Most art galleries and exhibitions host live events regularly to display the artworks that are available for auction or sale. The good news is that these works of art can also be auctioned and sold on the internet.

If you’re hosting a paid event without putting the artworks up for sale, you can use virtual tours in two ways: Firstly, host an online event and encourage people to pay a little fee to access them. Secondly, you can create a free virtual tour of some parts of the exhibit and sell tickets to them to participate in the main event.

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